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Proper Forklift Maintenance to Increase Operator Safety

Forklift maintenance is important – and unfortunately often overlooked. While many mistakes are the result of not paying attention, a lot of accidents are caused by a forklift not performing up to standards. Some harmful accidents can certainly be avoided  by performing regular maintenance checks.

Some companies have in house mechanics to make sure their forklift are running well.  Most companies don't have a dedicated maintenance department, so there are a few things you can you to make sure your lift is ready to go and safe to operate. 

Proper Forklift Maintenance/ Forklift Maintenance Tips

1. Check condition of tires and tire pressure if your forklift has pneumatic tires.  Damaged and/or improperly inflated tires can cause load shifts, bad turns and other accidents. 

2. Make sure the safety features are in working order.  Turn signals, back-up signals, horns, fire extinguisher – these are very important for proper forklift safety.

3. Do regular inspections. Most forklifts have their own maintenance schedule. But it never hurts to do your own regular (or even random) inspections. How are the fluids? What’s that noise when you make a left turn? Stay on top of the little things.

4. Check for leaky hoses. Even if you see a slight leak somewhere that does not look like a big problem, identify where it’s coming from and address immediately. Remember that leaks will only get worse over time.

5. Ensure forks are straight. Your lift’s forks keep loads stable and help move & transport thousands of pounds of cargo every shift. Just one small bend in the forks will impact both performance and, more crucially, safety. Make sure those forks are good to go – if not, have them repaired or replaced.

Just like a forklift requires good maintenance, so does a well-run safety program. If your company isn’t up to date with training and safety, big fines & penalties could be just around the corner. OSHA-compliant forklift training is our specialty. Beginner and veteran forklift operators can benefit from our monthly training classes. 

Just some of our well-known clients include firms like Markstein Beverage, Sacramento Drilling, Meridian Signs and many others. For more information about our forklift training courses, please call us at:

(877) 290-7633. You can also visit our contact page to send us a message or find other information.

Hopefully these maintenance tips will benefit your forklifts performance and value. Thanks again for being our customer!

-The Sacramento Forklift Team

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